Best Android Custom Roms & How to Download Android Rom

Poco F1 falls under the same category because it’s fairly old, and we doubt whether the company will provide the Android 11 update for this device. But the modding community for Poco F1 is super active, and we have a few Android 11 custom ROMs available for the device. Apart from custom ROMs, you can also try out custom kernels for the Poco F1 to improve system performance and other core functionalities of the device.

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  • Also, if you like the custom ROM, consider donating the developer behind the work.
  • Managing background app activities and turning off battery-draining services are just two of the many battery-saving capabilities included.
  • CrDroid’s versatility in allowing for personalization stands out among its other features.

Most custom ROMs for the Poco F1 aim to fix the display’s touch issues, offer improved Wi-Fi and multitasking performance, and more. Unlike other custom ROMs in this list, the Pixel ROM is less about features and more about offering the perfect mix of stability, security, and features. Since the Poco team supports third-party development for the device, the Poco F1 has a stable and completely usable build of LineageOS 16.0 available for it.

  • To install these Custom ROMs you should first unlock the bootloader of Pocophone F1 and then install the recovery.
  • It is developed by a team of developers led by the same people behind the popular CyanogenMod.
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